Enterprise Manager
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Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager provides centralized security management for global control of all ForeScout appliances deployed throughout your network.

Enterprise Manager serves as a single pane of glass for every device connected to the network that is managed by a ForeScout appliance at any given time. It is also used to define and manage the device policies. Enterprise Manager scales to support deployments in networks exceeding one million devices.

Device Intelligence Dashboard — Improve Security Operations and Incident Response

Security operations teams lack a comprehensive view into connected devices and their classification, connection and compliance context. This hampers incident response and compliance reporting. The ForeScout platform now includes a customizable web dashboard that provides a consolidated view of your device landscape and compliance across the extended enterprise.


Consolidated view of device landscape for security operation centers (SOC) 

The new device intelligence dashboard provides security operations centers (SOCs) valuable device context for incident response. SOC operators can get the device context they need, at their fingertips, to quickly respond to threat outbreaks or high-risk incidents. This allows you to eliminate manual incident response processes, and reduce your mean time to respond. You can also tailor device intelligence views for other IT functions such as compliance and risk reporting, asset management and executive reporting.


  • Centralized configuration: Settings and configurations for ForeScout appliances can be managed from a single Enterprise Manager console. Settings can be updated en masse, with a single keystroke, and the Enterprise Manager will replicate those settings to the ForeScout appliances that have been registered to the Enterprise Manager.
  • Centralized reporting: Enterprise Manager collects information from ForeScout appliances that have been registered to it, allowing the Enterprise Manager to produce information and reports for your entire enterprise.
  • Ease of use: The user interface of the Enterprise Manager is identical to the interface of the ForeScout appliance.
  • Disaster recovery: A separate Enterprise Manager appliance can be purchased and installed in a remote location for purposes of disaster recovery. The remote appliance can be configured as a “recovery manager,” which automatically maintains a duplicate set of policies and configurations.
  • Network scope: Enterprise Manager automatically identifies IPaddresses or network segments that are not within the management of a ForeScout appliance.
  • Automated management:  Enterprise Manager helps manage upgrades, licenses, backups and restores for ForeScout appliances within the network.


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